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J Burgin

Certified Consultant


My Story

Hello, I'm Jeannie, and with my husband Jeff we are your team of Independent Scentsy Consultants.

For many years, I was a Scentsy customer. I really enjoyed the variety of the scents and enjoyed changing them with the seasons.

I felt safer enjoying food safety wax melting in a safe warmer with a bulb or an element rather than a burning candle wick.

I looked forward to each new season's catalog and new scents. I loved being a Scentsy customer!

Then, one day I learned how I can get my favorite scents and the newest warmers at half-price, or even for free by becoming a consultant and starting my own home business!

I love sharing Scentsy with my customers and new friends I meet through Scentsy!

I want to talk Scentsy with you! Send me an email, or contact me through Facebook!

What's warming in my home